What is the Genesee County Home Improvement / Urgent Repair Program?
The Genesee County Home Improvement Program was created to provide property owners with a Deferred Payment Loan (DPL) to make needed improvements to their homes. These improvements are based on HUD Section 8 Minimum Housing Quality Standards (HQS). Minimum standards assure that federal dollars are not spent on inadequate housing (i.e., not decent, safe and sanitary).
  • Provide protection to tenants.
  • Prevent assistance being provided for substandard units.
  • Upgrade housing stock available to low income families.
Also available is the Genesee County Urgent Repair Program, which provides needed repairs that are deemed urgent by a Genesee County Rehabilation Specialist. Click here to view the Home Improvement Program / Urgent Repair Program brochure.
Who is Eligible?
To qualify for a Home Improvement Loan, you must be the owner-occupier of the property to be improved, and the total household income must be within 80% of the Genesee County Median Income.  Homes must be in Genesee County's Community Development Block Grant participating communities, excluding the City of Flint.
What Kind of Loan is Available?
The type of loan offered is a Deferred Payment Loan (DPL) which requires no interest or principal payments.
  • Maximum loan amount is $22,500
  • Loan is repaid when the home is sold, changes from owner-occupied to rental, or possibly if the mortgage is refinanced
  • Loan is secured by a lien recorded against the property
  • This is not a cash loan - Genesee County pays the contractors on your behalf
For more information please contact the Genesee County Community Development Program at (810) 257-3010. Click here to view our Home Improvement Program brochure! If interested in finding out more information, please fill out the Initial Inquiry Form and email it to gcmpc@co.genesee.mi.us or fax it to (810) 257-3185.